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The Korean Photographic promotes the proficiency, art and science of photography for the community of photographers in Korea.

Open To The World

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Korean Photographic interviews with Korean photographers or international photographers. We introduce more and more unknown Korean and international photographers to readers of Korean Photographic and the world. We love to share your thoughts and inspiration through your photos. If you know a young, amateur or professional photographer you would like to introduce, or even if you would like to introduce your own masterpiece photographs, please send us your photos with amzing story along with your homepage/SNS information to info@koreanphotographic.com

Photography is a history

It’s about finding extra-ordinary life

In an ordinary place

Korean Photographic was established in order for Korean photographers could share their inspiration and artworks to the world and show their passion for culture to become the cornerstone for the advancement of culture  and the vitalization of photographic art in Korea.

Thanks for protecting our photographs!