Cho Sun-hee

Korean Photographer

A Professor at

School of Photography and Imaging at Kyungil University

There is a famous talented female photographer Cho Sun-hee in South Korea. Although there are people who do not know her face, few people have seen a movie poster taken by Cho Sun-hee. In 2013, she took “Legal Counsel”, “Contemplative”, “Amateur”, “Hide and Seek”, “Surveyors”, “Introduction to Architecture”, “Gift of Room 7”, “Sunny”, and “Hugong” are also works of Cho Sun Hee. Fashion magazines, advertisement photos of various brands, and Korea’s leading movie posters are captured with Cho Sun-hee’s camera. The public is sometimes impressed by her appearance appeared on TV and her tough personality but her unique character attracts the public.  

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaYtituRphxa8Rx_-4dU_bw/videos

Reference: http://ch.yes24.com/Article/View/24127


Cho Sun-hee (1971 ~) is a Korean photographer. As of 2011, she runs the Zoa Zoa Studio in Seoul.


  • Graduated from Daegu Wonhwa Girls’ High School
  • Yonsei University Medical Science


  • 2009  School of Photography and Imaging at Kyungil University
  • 2004 Zoa Zoa Studio Photographer
  • 1996 ~ 2002, photo shoots of Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, and Cosmomolitan fashion magazines
  • 1995~1996 Neo Look, Imagine photographer
  • 1995 Hankyoreh 21 Freelance Photographer


  • 2009 Magazine Bazaar Photographer of the Year Award
  • 2003 Fashion Photographer of the Year Award

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