Kim Yunseong

Korean Photographer, Kim Yunseong

베트남을 기록하는 김윤성 사진작가 - 인생의 황혼에 떠나는 사진 순례

Korean photographer, Kim Yunseong was introduced by YTN News who went to Myanmar with a camera at the age of looking at 70. He travels around Myanmar, where people are rarely visited, and he takes pictures of the people and scenery that he met there.

Korean photographer, Kim Yunseong has been working on photography for 20 years, traveling to Myanmar. Eventually, he decided to move to Myanmar, lived and travelled all over Myanmar for 8 years. He held his solo photography exhibition with photographs taken in Myanmar.

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70을 바라보는 나이에, 카메라 가방 하나만을  메고 베트남으로 날아간 김윤성 사진작가는 어느 날 역사 속으로 사라질 오늘의 베트남을 기록하고 있다.

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