Koo Bohnchang

Korean Photographer, Koo Bohnchang

한국 사진작가, 구본창

Koo Bon-chang started photography in 1979 while studying at the National Museum of Art and Design in Hamburg, Germany.

Koo Bohnchang Changed the Korean Photography World

Koo Bon-chang (born in1953) started photography after studying in 1979. He  specialized in photography design at the National University of Art and Design, Hamburg, Germany. Since he started photography in Europe, not in Korea, his thoughts and perspectives were free from the tendency of Korean photography. In the mid-1980s, Koo Bon-chang returned from studying abroad, presented his masterpieces. The series <In The Beginning> (1991-1998) and <Good-bye Paradise> (1993) are his representative works. In the late 1980s, when Koo Bon-chang returned from Germany, he slowly got attention from the public in South Korea. He did not just satisfy to be a photographer, but took the lead in making some important movements that changed the Korean photography world.

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