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Sim Youngsik

Who is Korean Photographer Sim Youngsik?

About 55 years ago, when cameras were uncommon, his father, who was a soldier, was sent to the Vietnam War. On the way back from the War, he bought a camera. It was the first time he saw such a bulky camera. Sim Youngsik was lucky to be able to have a camera earlier than anyone else. Since it was so long ago, he fails to recall what type of camera it was, but he know it was special to have one. At the time, although the camera was too heavy for me to carry and he was not able to take any pictures  when he was dining out with my family, he always had the camera hanging around my neck. Sim Youngsik was always curious when he looked at images through the camera lens.

Not long after Mr.Sim attended a national school, others recognized that he was good at painting. Despite this, due to financial difficulty, he had to give up my dream of becoming a painter.

Ten years later, in my early 20s, it was time for me to go into the Army. In South Korea, every man born within South Korea must enlist in the Army when they become 21.

Since Youngsik wanted to make the most out of my time in the military, he started searching for any information related to Army services. Aside from heroic endeavours, he found that there was a special position in the Army in which a person could take pictures. Without hesitation, he submitted an application to a photography academy in Seoul. Youngsik really wanted to take pictures that reminded him of my childhood.

The course was composed of various types of photography classes such as black and white photography, colour photography, print development, studio photography, and basic photograph processing. After successfully completing the course, he was able to join the Army as an Army photographer.

After Sim Youngsik enlisted, he was strictly educated by a military supervisor for 8 weeks. Mr. Sim then attended all Army events and photographed, exhibited, printed, and distributed Army photographs to the public. He can definitely say this is the most beautiful memory he have of my youth.

After being discharged from military service, he joined the Seoul Foreign Telephone Office at the Korea Telecom Authority. In this position, Youngsik had another opportunity to oversee photography events. He organised events with well-known international and domestic organisations to promote our services and theirs. Once again, he felt that photography was my destiny.

In 1982, Sim Youngsik set up a photography club in the company called “Yeowulwhe”. As part of the club, he taught my colleagues, amateur photographers, and the general public various aspects of photography. This opportunity not only gave him a chance to study photography in-depth but also expanded his photography skills.

Despite now being a photographer for 40 years, he has never participated in an international or domestic photography competition. Because of this, he calls myself an “Amateur Photographer”.

Before it’s too late, he said he wants to challenge myself by participating in international and domestic photography competitions. He wants to be recognised as a career, professional photographer. His ultimate dream is to have my own photography exhibit within South Korea and overseas. He will put all of my effort and passion into making this dream come true.

Brief background:

– Completed four months of military photography courses at Korea Photo Academy

– A military photographer during a three-year Army service

– 8 years’ experience photographing events in the Seoul Foreign Telephone Office at the Korea Telecom Authority

– Photography Club President

– Present – work as a freelance photographer

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