Myŏng-sim Yuk

Korean Photographer, Yuk Myŏng-sim (陸明心)

Don't try to shoot well, take your own

He took photographs of Korean civilians - left us Korean history

Myŏng-sim Yuk (Yook Myong-Shim) is a well-known and representative Korean photographer who was born in Daejeon in South Korea. He specialised in English Language and Literature at Yonsei University and completed a master of Aesthetics and Art History at Hongik University. He has many years of teaching experience in colleges, was a professor at Seorabeol College of Arts from 1972 to 1975 and Shingu College from 1975 to1981. Also, he played an important role in the ‘External Photography’ field, such as organizing photographs of Korea and introducing overseas photography theory in Korea. The achievements of his work have been summarized into ‘Korean Contemporary Art History-Photograph (National Museum of Contemporary Art, 1978)’ and ‘World Photo Theory’ (Hwahwadang, 1987).

Yuk Myung-Shim’s photographs have changed from the late 70s to the early 90s into shamans, ordinary people, and Jang Seung. Among them, the photographs based on the civilians of Korea who are called “Baekmin” in Korean, and  “Baekmin Series” are considered his representative works.

Probably, few people know the fact that he was an English teacher in middle and high school. He said he always wanted to become a monk throughout his growing season but his mother couldn’t accept his dream. He insisted on being single but, eventually, he was married when he was thirty. In our culture, in general, the groom buys a house/apartment and the bride prepares furniture. His wife brought a camera, which was not common in that time and he took pictures while learning how to operate the camera in their honeymoon. There is a photography theory that he has consistently taught in college for the last 28 years:

 “Don’t try to shoot well, take your own.”

In 1998, he retired from college and quit all positions. He has running a small office in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu.

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