Seo Chunsik

Korean Photographer, Seo Chunsik

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Seo Chun-sik is a Korean photographer in Yangsan,  who has worked harder for the development of Yangsan culture and art more than anyone else.

Seo Chun-sik was not originally a Yangsan person. His hometown is Eonyang-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan City. He became a Yangsan citizen from the end of 1969. After graduating from Gyeongju Cultural High School, he started working in several places when he was called as a manager of school  office of the Yangsan Girls’ Middle School and High School. This was the starting point of a new life for photographer Seo Chun-sik.

The Federation of Yangsan Arts and Culture Organizations (Yangsan Art Center) awarded the 1st Yangsan Artist Award, which was first established in 2009, in recognition of the contribution of Seo Chun-sik to the development of local culture and arts.

Seo Chun-sik started his life in Yangsan in 1970 and founded the Yangsan Photography Club in 1982, and established the Yangsan Branch of the Korean Photographers Association in 1988 and served as the 4th and 7th Korean Photographers Association Yangsan Branch Manager.

Also, he served as the secretary general for a long period after the establishment of the Yangsan Cultural Center. In addition, he joined as a member of the promotion committee for the establishment of the Yangsan Cultural Centre in 1985.

In 1998, he established the Yangsan branch of the Korean Federation of Arts and Culture Societies, and served as the first branch manager until 2002.

He held two solo photography exhibitions, awarded or winning prizes from many national and international photography competitions including the 1st Korea Photo Exhibition in 1982, the Busan Ilbo photo contest (Gold Prize), the Belgium International Photography Salon Exhibition, the Gyeongnam Photo Contest, and received the Gyeongnam Photo Contest Recommended Photographer Award. Currently, as an invited photographer of the City and Challenge of the Korea Photographers Association, he is still actively working and teaching photography to the public.




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