1960 ~ 1970 (First K-camera)

1960 ~ 1970

First Korean Camera

In the late 1960s, thanks to President Park Chung-hee, who decided that Korea needed the fostering of the optical industry, the optical science of the Guro Industrial Complex was made by Lee Jung-lim (李庭林: Chairman of the Deahan Yanghae), who was chairman of the FKI in 1967.

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Daehan Optical built our first camera


In 1969, Daehan Optical entered into a technical alliance with Japanese company, Mamiya, to begin production of Korea's first camera. In 1976, the first camera model released by Daehan Optics was KOBICA 35 BC, which assembled the camera by combining technologies from Japan, Germany, Canada, and Korea, and imported and installed inexpensive Tessa lenses from Japan. Later, Korean optics produced range finder cameras such as BC-1, BC-5, BC-7, and BC-7A equipped with KORINAR lenses. However, in 1983, Korea's optics went bankrupt after failing to focus on the overflowing of high-performance Japanese-made cameras.

South Korea in 1960
South Korea in 1960s
South Korea 1960
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