Korea-Postwar (1953-1960)

1950 -

After the Korean War

After the Korean War - The Korean War was recorded as one of the tragic war in the world’s history which developed the Cold War between North and South Korea.

In the aftermath of the Korean war

The Korean war is occurred not just because of pursuing sakes of each country, there was the two superpowered nations, which are United and Soviet Union that the United States supported South whilst Soviet aided to North. The Korean War was the first war in which the United Nations (UN) which was a powerful world’s organization participated to keep the peace in Korea.

after korean war
Korean War 1950-1953

We Survive

As a result of a tragic Korean war, both North and South Korea caused massive death of the public and damaged to our economies and national infrastructure. In the aftermath of the Korean war, the United States significantly aided to South Korea under the auspices of the United Nations Korea Reconstruction Agency (UNKRA) while North Korean reconstruction was assisted by fraternal socialist nations the USSR and China. In the years of the following the Korean war, North Korea's growth rate of total industrial output exceeded that of South Korea, averaging 39% between 1953 and 1960.

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