Kim Joo Won

Joo-Won Kim is a Korean photographer who is actively working in various fields such as taking landscape photographs, lecturing photography at different organizations, and publishing photography books. He received the 2014 Sony World Photographer Award from 2014 Korea National Award and was recently selected as the first Korean by Sony Global Imaging Ambassador.

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Cho Se-hyeon

Cho Se-hyeon is one of the most famous Korean photographer in South Korea. He is known as a portrait photographer, mainly shooting celebrities. Since 2015, he has served as a chair professor at the School of Performing and Imaging at Chung-Ang University. Recently, he participated in the London Paralympic Organizing Committee (IPC) and Sochi Paralympic as an official photographer, and was appointed as the ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea.

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Jung Ki Soo

Jung Ki Soo is a popular Korean photographer, currently a lecturer at Sony Alpha Academy and is a photo director at V1 Studio. He has many teaching experience at Sungshin Women's University, Baekje University of Art. In 2004, he was invited to Seoul International Photo & Video Equipment & Digital Video Exhibition, in 2005 and 2006, he was also invited to Gallery Scape and Visual Art Center than Solo Exhibition.

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Oh Joong Seok

Oh Joong Seok is not only a popular Korean photographer but also a lecturer at Korea Art Conservatory (KAC). He is a famous commercial Korean photographer of fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Bazaar and also shooting famous celebrities such as Jung Woo-sung, Song Hye-kyo, Ko So-young etc.

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Yŏng-gap Kim

Young-Gap Kim (1957- 05/29/2005) is a Korean photographer. He became popular after he died. He suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) and continued his work in Jeju Island for 6 years. He has left numerous photographic works based on natural landscapes such as fields, clouds, mountains, sea, trees, and silver grass in Jeju Island.

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Ahn Seong Yong

From 1990 to now, Ahn Sung-yong, Who is a Korean photographer taking pictures of Songdo, Korea. When introducing himself to people, he introduces himself as not an ordinary photographer. He is in charge of Pohang Art Culture Centre which was established in 1999, providing the general people with service of photo collections and photography exhibitions.

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Shin Jun Sik

He’s been making photography as his hobby and began his photography as his career when he was in university. He won Grand Prize and awards from many photography competition in South Korea and held many exhibitions in Korea and USA. Although, he believes that his photoshop retouching is excessive but still a lot of people like his technique that the HDR technique is unfamiliar to the public so he wishes to introduce the new technique to people.

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Cho Sun-hee

There is a famous talented female photographer Cho Sun-hee in South Korea. She took “Legal Counsel”, “Contemplative”, “Amateur”, “Hide and Seek”, “Surveyors”, “Introduction to Architecture”, “Gift of Room 7”, “Sunny”, and “Hugong” are also works of Cho Sun Hee.

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Kim Si-hyun

Si Hyun Kim graduated from Chung-Ang University and specialised in photography in university. She has now become a famous ID photographer in Seoul, Korea and has held solo and group exhibitions as well as took part in different photography projects and was on the air (EBS, tvN, Sbs , tv Chosun).

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Choi Kwang-ho

Professional Korean Photographer, Choi Kwang-ho specialized in Photography at Shingu University, he also specialized in a press photography and completed his master degree of documentary photography at Osaka University of Art in Japan. Also, he studied photography at NYU in New York. He also won Kyocera Award at the Tokyo International Photography Biennale in 1999 and awarded at the 1st Donggang Photography competition in 2002.

Korean Photographic

Korean Photographic Promotes Korean Photography and Provides Opportunities for Korean Photographers to Showcase Their Works - Korean Photographic is an online marketing platform for selling photographs taken by amateur and professional photographers in South Korea. It is also a platform that helps photographers by giving them opportunities to take part in international photography competitions.

Hye Myeong

Hye Myeong is a monk and Korean photographer who lives a faith-filled life. Over the course of his life, he gradually started using a camera as a tool to convey the Buddha's words to people more easily. Photographs delve into parts of the human experience and express emotions that cannot be easily expressed in words. His photographs are awarded from many national photography competitions in Korea.

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Cho Bongdeok

One of the well-known Korean photographer Bongdeok Cho (조봉덕 사진작가) is a leader of the photography group, Photography NARU, and is actively working with OLYMPUS.

Muk Gwang Son

One of proud Korean photographer, Muk Gwang Son (손묵광 사진작가) was a journalist from the Department of Photography and Social Affairs of a media company, and worked as a writer and planner of the Gyeongnam Cultural Foundation. Currently, he is working as a photographer in Changdong Art Village.

Park Jong Gil

Park Jong-gil is an elderly photographer, was elected as a vice president in Association of Korean Photographers. The Korea Photographers Association has 12000 members, the largest group of photographers in South Korea. Photographer Park Jong-gil has been actively shooting in Mokpo and also published a history books of Mokpo Yechong and photography book “Mokpo’s Tears, Song, Rain”.

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Yoo Yeon-seok

Yoo Yeon-seok, is a famous Korean actor but also Korean photographer. He was born on 11 April 1984, his real name is Ahn Yeon-seok is a famous South Korean actor. He became a photographer and held his solo exhibition in 2017. It is called “Re: Creation”, was held between 12 December 2017 and 16 January 2018 at Bando Gallery from 10 am to 7pm.

김윤성 사진작가

Kim Yunseong

Korean photographer, Kim Yunseong was introduced by YTN News who went to Myanmar with a camera at the age of looking at 70. He travels around Myanmar, where people are rarely visited, and he takes pictures of the people and scenery that he met there.

korean photographer kim jung-man

Kim Joongman

Kim Jung-man who was born October 30, 1954 is one of the most popular a photographer in South Korea. In 2006, he declared that he would not make money with the photo, and suspended commercial activities. Since then, while supporting African children suffering from hunger and disease, he has been devoting himself to art photography, crossing the world’s remote and polar regions.

Seo Chunsik

Seo Chun-sik is a well-known Korean photographer, started his life in Yangsan in 1970 and founded the Yangsan Photography Club in 1982, and established the Yangsan Branch of the Korean Photographers Association in 1988 and served as the 4th and 7th Korean Photographers Association Yangsan Branch Manager.

Moon Jin-Woo

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Koo Bohnchang

Koo Bohnchang

Korean photographer Bohnchang Koo is a present chairman of Geonhi Art Foundation and he creates wonderfully quiet, elegant photographs of rare Korean white porcelain ceramics, in two related series.

Korean photographer Lee Sang-byuk

Lee Sang-byuk

Lee Sang-byuk (28.08.1947) who is the one of the most famous broadcaster in South Korea, completed his degree at Hongik University. He specialized in design along with photography. After graduating, he got a job at a newspaper company. While working as a reporter for 10 years, he was mainly in charge of entertainment, such as broadcasting, movies, songs and etc. He received a broadcast award after working for 40 years then switched his career to a photographer in his late age.

Min Byung-hun

Min Byung-hun is a famous Korean photographer in South Korea, has become a photographer whose artworks are not only recognised both in Korea but also from overseas. He has held many photography exhibitions in Korea and overseas.

사진작가 박상원

Park Sang-won

Actor and photographer, Park Sang-won is currently a professor of Seoul Institute of The Art and he is also an adjunct professor at Kaywon University of Art and design. He is holding a photo exhibition “A Scene” at Songeun Art Space in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, until the 31st and the earnings from the exhibition will be donated to those suffering from COVID-19 crisis.

강운구 사진작가

Kang Woon Gu

Famous Korean Photographer, Kang Woon-gu (姜運求: 강운구 사진작가) decided to live his life as a photographer since university, so in 1966 he became a journalist.

famous korean photographer

Bae Bien-u

Mr Bae, Bien-u (Bae) is the most well-known Korean photographer in South Korea. He became popular outside of South Korea after selling one of his pine tree photographs to English singer Elton John in 2005. Former South Korean president Lee Myung-bak later gave a collection of Bae's pine tree photographs to U.S. president Barack Obama during a summit held in Washington.

Myŏng-sim Yuk

Myŏng-sim Yuk is a representative Korean photographer who was born in Daejeon in South Korea. He specialised in English Language and Literature at Yonsei University and completed a master of Aesthetics and Art History at Hongik University. He has many years of teaching experience, was a professor at Seorabeol College of Arts from 1972 to 1975 and Shingu College from 1975 to1981.

Hong Sun Tae

Famous Korean photographer, Sun-Tae Hong died on the 3 May 2016 when he was 82 years old. He was born in Seoul and was a native of Seoul and graduated his schools in Seoul. After the Korean War and served in military service, he recorded everything of Seoul, that whatever he saw, felt and heard.

Ju Myeong-deok Korean Phtographer 주명덕 사진작가

Ju Myeong-deok

Korean Photographer Ju Myeong-deok has recoreded a Korean history. At that time, it has been about 130 years since the photo came into Korea, his exhibition was recorded the first photography exhibition (that’s the ‘mixed names’ of Holt’s orphanage) in our history in South Korea. The pictures and those pictures in the exhibition are used for newspapers, including the Dong-A Ilbo and Chosun Ilbo, featured articles on his exhibition.

Kang Young-ho

Kang Young-ho (27 November 1970 ~) is a popular Korean photographer. In 1998, he won an entry prize in a new artist contest hosted by NIX and shooting a movie poster “interview” in 1999 and debuted as a commercial photographer. He has a funny nickname 'Dancing Photographer' and opened a new genre of photography which is “image-telling”.

Yeon Jung-hoon

Yeon Jung-hoon was born on 6 November, 1978 is a South Korean actor and photographer. He is best known for his roles in generational epic East of Eden (2008), period medical drama Jejungwon (2009), and crime procedural Vampire Prosecutor (2011-2012). His father is a veteran actor Yeon Kyu-jin, and his wife is a famous actress Han Ga-in who was one of the most beautiful actress in South Korea. In 2013, he held his first photography exhibition and debuted as a photographer, won a Grand prize in Innovative Sweden Photo Competition and his wife was a model in that photograph.

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