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NPC – Newborn Photo Contest 2020

2020-07-25 16:27
You have created beautiful pictures, art and memories for eternity. You have put all your love and heart into your work. Family photography is your great passion, it fills your heart with joy and makes you happy. This passion, this feeling, this creativity you share with over 150000 other photographers worldwide. Now is the time to get admiration and recognition for your works of art. Show the world what you are burning for, what makes you happy.
The NPC – Newborn Photo Contest 2020 provides a unique platform where we discover worldwide creative talents in the field of newborn & maternity photography. The monthly NPC – Newborn Photo Contest is open to all photographers and innovative thinkers in the area of family photography. We created the contest with a single goal in mind: the presentation, recognition, and appreciation of groundbreaking photography by emerging and established artists.


Join NPC Contests by submitting your entries and win many exciting prizes & awards. We have monthly contests in different categories. Submit your beautiful pictures and get judged by the industry’s best Teachers, Educators, and Speakers. As a participant in our monthly contest, you will receive exclusive and valuable winner badges and certificates to use for your promotion and marketing.

Professional photographer in the field of Newborn Photography & Maternity Photography



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