Cho Bongdeok

Korean Photographer, Bongdeok Cho

올림푸스 (Olympus) 조봉덕 사진작가

One of the well-known Korean photographer Bongdeok Cho (조봉덕) is a leader of the photography group, Photography NARU, and is actively working with OLYMPUS.

‘One Picture, One Point’

He believes that photography is not simple means to show a situation. Photography is a tool to convey and inspire the viewer’s thoughts and hearts. He always tries one picture contains a message that the viewer can feel emotions or get message from a photographer.

For him, Olympus is the camera that objectively expresses his emotions best among the cameras he has ever used. Since he mainly enjoys taking pictures of bleary images, he often shoot in 1/30 and 1/2 seconds. Olympus cameras with 5-axis image stabilization are optimal for capturing moments with slow shutter speeds. Currently, he mostly shoot with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and M.ZUIKO DIGI TAL ED 12-100mm F4.0 IS PRO. Color is also important for him. He believes that there is no cameras that will follow Olympus cameras for the deep feeling in dark colors.

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