Choi Kwang-ho

Professional Korean Photographer, Kwang-ho Choi

한국 대표 프로페셔널 사진작가, 최광호

Solo Exhibitions

  • Choi Kwang-ho: Family (Noam Gallery, Seoul)
  • Sound of the Earth-Sound of Life, Sound of Sound, Walking (Gallerydam, Seoul)
  • Spring Summer Fall Winter (Washington Square East Gallery, New York)
  • 3 My Story After One Year (Koshini Gallery, Osaka)

사진 개인전: 최광호 사진-가족 (노암갤러리, 서울), 땅의 울림-숨소리, 생명소리, 걸음소리 (갤러리담, 서울), 봄여름가을겨울 (워싱턴스퀘어이스트갤러리, 뉴욕), 3년 만의 나의 이야기 (고시니갤러리, 오사카)

Professional Korean Photographer, Choi Kwang-ho specialized in Photography at Shingu University, he also specialized in a press photography and completed his master degree of documentary photography at Osaka University of Art in Japan. Also, he studied photography at NYU in New York. He also won Kyocera Award at the Tokyo International Photography Biennale in 1999 and awarded at the 1st Donggang Photography competition in 2002.

He worked in the construction sites for 6 months to make money in one year, and went to take pictures for 6 months. Then he took a picture of the monthly magazine, “The Tree with Deep Roots,” and opened his eyes to Korea and it’s land.

Few years ago, 5 Korean photographers  (he and Kim Soon-ok, Lee Ki-hwa, Heo Yoon-jung, and Seo Yong-gwan) gathered together to work together in Pyeongchang held a photo exhibition “Weeds in Pyeongchang“.

Reference: https://topclass.chosun.com/board/view.asp?catecode=Q&tnu=201312100002

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