Yeon Jung-hoon

Korean Actor & Photographer, Yeon Jung-hoon

Winner of Innovative Sweden Photography Competition

Yeon Jung-hoon was born on 6 November, 1978 is a South Korean actor and photographer. He is best known for his roles in generational epic East of Eden (2008), period medical drama Jejungwon (2009), and crime procedural Vampire Prosecutor (2011-2012). An avid car enthusiast, he hosted the first three seasons of Top Gear Korea, the South Korean version of the BBC show. His father is a veteran actor Yeon Kyu-jin, and his wife is a famous actress Han Ga-in who was one of the most beautiful actress in South Korea. In 2013, he held his first photography exhibition and debuted as a photographer, won a Grand prize in Innovative Sweden and his wife (Han Ga-in) was a model in that photograph.

han ga in

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Watch his acting in the Korean drama of “Pots of Gold” below.

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