Ahn Seong Yong

Korean Photographer, Ahn Seong Yong

송도 안성용 사진가

He is known for his hard work as a photographer.

From 1990 to now, Ahn Sung-yong, Who is a Korean photographer taking pictures of Songdo, Korea. This year, he has been insisting on shooting Songdo for 20 years. When introducing himself to people, he introduces himself as not an ordinary photographer. He is in charge of Pohang Art Culture Centre which was established in 1999, providing the general people with service of photo collections and photography exhibitions.

In 1966, he was born the fourth child of three boys and three girls under a father who served as a school teacher in Yeongyang, Gyeongbuk. When he was in elementary school, he came out to Daegu, went to school in Daegu, graduated from the School  of Photography and Film at Kyungil University, and completed a Ph.D. in Art and Design from Daegu University.

Reference: https://www.kbmaeil.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=45372

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