Hong Sun Tae

Korean Photographer, Sun Tae Hong

He recorded Korean History

Famous Korean photographer, Sun-Tae Hong died on the 3 May 2016 when he was 82 years old.

He was born in Seoul and was a native of Seoul and graduated his schools in Seoul. After the Korean War and served in military service, he recorded everything of Seoul, that whatever he saw, felt and heard. In particular, the exhibition of the Hanmi Museum of Art that he attended, which focused on the 1960s and 1970s of Korea, which experienced the fastest economic growth and changes in Seoul, that presented the era of a difficult circumstance of Seoul but full of love in our society.

He won the 5th Dong-A Photo Contest in 1967 and has been a professor of photography at Shingu University since 1981. His funeral was held in Gangdong Kyunghee University Hospital in Gangdong-gu, Seoul.

  • 1961-1967: a teacher at Yangjeong High School
  • 1967-1982: a teacher at Boseong High School
  • 1967: founded Baekyoung Society
  • 1967: a member of Dong-A Ilbo Photograph Society
  • 1968: invited as a recommended photographer of Camera Art Magazine
  • 1970: in charge of Expo`70 Korean Pavilion Photography
  • 1972: invited as a recommended photographer of Korea Art Exhibition
  • 1972-1975: Lecturer, College of Art, Hongik University
  • 1973-1982: President of Dong-A Ilbo Photograph Society
  • 1974-1986: Lecturer at Duksung Women’s University
  • 1975: a member of the Korean Photographers’ Association
  • 1978-1979: a lecturer at the School of Art, Sungshin Women’s University
  • 1980: Invitational Artist of Korea Art Exhibition
  • 1981-05.1995: a professor of Photography, Shingu College
  • 1983: Korea Broadcasting Corporation separated family search event photo shoot
  • 1986: ’86 Asian Games official record photographer
  • 1988: ’88 Seoul Olympics official record photographer
  • 1988: a lecturer of Graduate School of Industrial Art, Hongik University
  • 1989: an editor of monthly photo art
  • 1993: Expo `93 Multivision General Manager
  • 1993-1996: a president of the Korean National Photographers Association
  • 1994-1995: a president of the Korean Society of Photography
  • 1995-1995: a president of Samsung Camera Club
  • 10.1997: a member of the Organizing Committee of the Year of ’98 Photo and Video
  • 05.1998: a professor of School of Photography at Shingu University
  • 09.1998: a chairman, Korean Contemporary Photographers’ Association
  • ~ 2016: a member of the Korean Photographers Association

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