Min Byung-hun

Korean Photographer, Min Byung-hun

한국 대표 사진작가 민병헌

Min Byung-hun is a famous Korean photographer in South Korea, has become a photographer whose artworks are not only recognised both in Korea but also from overseas. He has held many photography exhibitions in Korea and overseas.

Min Byung-hun is a famous Korean photographer in South Korea, has become a photographer who knows not only in Korea but also from overseas. He said he was in middle and high school he suffered from inferiority and alienation. He didn’t like studying, and even when he entered college, he didn’t attend the classes because he felt his major wasn’t suited to him.

The only thing he could care about was photos. He studied photography by himself and went to one of the famous Korean photographer, Hong Soon-tae,  who was a teacher of his high school, wanting to check whether he is on the right track. Hong Soon-tae, who saw the pictures Mr Min took, said, “Why didn’t you make a photography as your career?”  He said he couldn’t sleep that night.

In the late 1980s, the trend of photography changed rapidly and straight photographs that reproduced what we see were considered to be out of date, he told himself “Is this the right way to go?” Because he did not specialised in photography in university, he had a great sense of inferiority to his background. One day, he thought, “I will do whatever I want, whether my art works are recognised by others.” After that, he stopped worrying. He began to take landscape photographs in black and white since 1987.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Houston Museum of Art and the French Ministry of Culture owns his collections. This year, his schedule is tight. Following the exhibition of the Hanmi Museum of Photography, it will be exhibited at Kais Gallery in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul from April 21 to May 20, exhibition of the Wales Museum of Photography in England in October, solo exhibition in Paris for three months from October, participation in Paris Photo Art Fair in November.

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